Case Study

Coach - Doncaster

As a retail giant whose brand adage is Defining Modern Luxury, it was only fitting that Coach partnered with us at GJ Australia to create a sophisticated space for their new Westfield store in Doncaster, Melbourne. 

Project Overview

The shopfront had an ambitious design: the doors needed to be large enough to draw attention, yet light enough to be a safe operational weight, while being able to slide back to provide an unobstructed view into the retail space. This presented a challenge for the GJ team, but was overcome with some creative thinking, expert skill and light-weight premium materials sourced from New York and China.

Working from bare bones, the GJ Australia team made this space come alive using sleek, simple fixtures that added a touch of elegance without detracting from the products on display. The shelves are unobtrusive, ensuring every product is easily visible and reachable to customers. The floors are coated in a concrete-look coating, and to tie in with this, a specialist contractor was brought in to provide a faux-concrete polish plaster to the walls, bringing the design together.

From an empty shell to a brand new space, the Coach Doncaster store transformed over a period of just 6 weeks. With its polished floor and gorgeous vaulted ceiling showcasing premium joinery and craftsmanship, this 140sqm space now rightly reflects the luxury of the Coach brand.

Inside of a women's accessories store
Lights installed inside the store Coach

Project Specifications

ClientCoach - Doncaster
Date CompletedNovember 2019
LocationWestfield Doncaster
Project Scope New store fitout

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